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Northwest Seed Cleaning Brings World-Class Processing To Your Operation


Northwest Seed Cleaning is the Midwest’s premier custom grain and bean conditioning company. Using industry-leading equipment, we process everything from grains to beans (along with almost everything in between) no matter how big your operation is or where it’s located.


Processing beans can slow down the throughput of your company. Grain diseases like scab and ergot can make grain unmarketable and destroy profits. Farmers don’t have to settle for the excess shrink that results from conventional cleaning methods. Our cutting-edge grain and bean processing can clean up virtually any problem mother nature or human error can throw your way.


Add Northwest Seed Cleaning to your schedule by calling us at (701) 847-3125. For complete contact information, click here.

If you'd like your own portable configuration built to suit your specific needs, call us or visit

Mobile Unit 1:

Precision air screen cleaner, destoner and gravity table.

Mobile Unit 2:

Precision air screen cleaner, gravity table, destoner and indented length separator.

Mobile Unit 3:

Precision air screen cleaner, gravity table and destoner.

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