A Profitable Way To Process, Pack & Ship Your Commodities

PureYield Facility

Our 20,000-square-foot facility in Cummings, North Dakota, saves customers time and money by providing the Upper Midwest’s most complete processing of beans and peas, including dry edible beans, field peas, split peas, lentil beans, dry bean splits and garbanzo beans. One of our PureYield lines even includes a cutting-edge color sorter, ensuring only the most accurate results. Do the math; having Cummings Ag process your beans and peas will increase your processing capabilities, reduce your risk and grow your profits.

Northwest Seed Cleaning Co.

No matter how big your operation is or where you’re located, we can bring custom processing to you. Northwest Seed Cleaning is our mobile seed division, providing portable conditioning and processing for customers across the United States.


In addition to our bean and pea processing abilities, we are equipped to help commercial customers with packaging and shipping processed product in bags, totes or in bulk via truck, container or rail. Ask a representative today, and we can detail our capabilities and pricing.